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Managing Achilles Tendon Disorders Part 3

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Other Treatment Your Doctor May Prescribe 1) Achilles Tendonitis – Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Immobilization, Orthotics and Night Splints if chronic. Possible MRI to evaluate the area. 2) Insertional Tendonitis – If enlargement exists, pad area as discussed. If overpronating, using a shoe and possibly an orthotic to reduce motion creating friction. Last resort: surgery […]

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Managing Achilles Tendon Disorders – Part II

Last month, we looked at Achilles tendon disorders from the standpoint of the anatomy of this area and how different forms of these disorders tend to manifest themselves in the forms of symptoms. This article is going to focus on some self treatment you can try on your own as well as some alternative forms […]

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Managing Achilles Tendon Disorders- Part I

I half joking tell my patients and friends when they ask why I became a podiatrist (no I don’t have a foot fetish) that it became cheaper to become one than keep going to see one. Of the many injuries over the past 25 plus years of running, one the most frustrating and recurrent ones […]

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