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Other Treatment Your Doctor May Prescribe
1) Achilles Tendonitis – Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Immobilization, Orthotics and Night
Splints if chronic. Possible MRI to evaluate the area.
2) Insertional Tendonitis – If enlargement exists, pad area as discussed. If overpronating, using a
shoe and possibly an orthotic to reduce motion creating friction. Last resort: surgery to remove
enlarged portion of bone, if present. Future ?: Shock Wave Therapy?
3) Rupture of Achilles – Partial: Possible cast. Complete: Possible Surgery. Usually followed-up
with physical therapy.
For All Forms of Achilles Injury
1) Ice – Fifteen minutes initially, three times a day. Later, use ice especially after activity.
2) Don’t go barefoot – even around the house.
3) No speedwork or hillwork – Depending upon type and severity of injury.
Remember: Self-treatment is not meant to replace a sports medicine professional. If symptoms
persist or you have pain causing you to alter your normal running gate, see a professional.

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